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Optimize Your Learning Experience


Expand Learning Services for Students Everywhere

AccuLive helps you provide even more learning opportunities for your current students or attract new students from across the nation or around the globe! AccuLive enables you to bring instructors and students together in an online classroom that eliminates traditional, high costs of travel, venue, and audio/video conferencing.


Integrate with Web Based Scheduling, Enrollment, and Outlook

Enroll students in a series of classes or individual classes. Send out e-mails automatically to confirm registration. Integrate scheduling with Microsoft® Outlook.


Deliver Interactive Lectures

The Public Interactive Whiteboard provides effective learning tools such as Pointer, Highlighter, Pen, Draw Shape, Color, Text, Line, Clear Screen, Layer, Save as GIF, Import Microsoft® PowerPoint PPT/PPS Files, Upload GIF/JPG Images, Add New Pages, Navigation, and Lock Control. Displayed objects are dynamic and they can be edited, moved, deleted, grouped, layered, locked, or aligned.


Gain Advanced Moderation Controls

With enhanced moderation features you will gain full control of the online classroom. Options include: Screen Text Messages; Voice Moderation (request microphone); Listen Only; No Private Messages; Close Classroom; On/Off Stage; Mute User; Ban User; Ban IP Address; Kick Out User; and Green Room.


Share Files with All Participants, Reduce e-Mailing Hassles

Multi-way file sharing allows students to submit their paper, essay, or document to instructor. Instructors can send a file to all students using a single mouse click.


Send Private or Public Messages

Text messages can be sent to all participants or a specific participant in private or public mode. Messages can be time-stamped and screened/filtered based on a ban list you can customize. Flood control is also included.


Receive Instant Visual Feedback

Built-in live polling and icons provides instant interaction and non-verbal feedback to instructors. You can collect statistics from online quizzes and surveys. Results can be sent to a designated e-mail address. Visual icons promote student involvement and allow instructors to gauge student understanding throughout the session.


Talk with Full Duplex Internet Audio and Live Video

Crystal-Clear Voices! Better than phone quality, full duplex, two-way Internet audio delivers synchronous voice communication via your existing dial-up, cable, DSL, or LAN. Our patent-pending technologies optimize and provide the best results for each participant. Full duplex conferencing mode supports up to four people. Push-2-Talk mode makes your voice lecture easier.


Share PC Application or Entire Desktop with All Participants

Instructors can provide hands-on exercises with real-time interaction for students. Dynamic PC application sharing allows anyone in the online classroom to share their application with all participants and give control to any of selected participants. It makes learning more engaging, hands-on, and measurable.


Record Live Sessions and Playback Archives

Record full screen, live classes including audio, video, whiteboard, visual feedback, text messages, application share, desktop share, and file share for review and playback. Play the recordings on demand using the browser-based player so that students learn at their own pace. All recordings will be sent in streaming format; no huge download will occupy your valuable hard drive space!

Product Features Comparison Requirements


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